Tom Selleck is a celebrity who was led by inspiration to become the man who would go on to inspire millions. Roles that he is recognized often for include: Blue Bloods of the Closer, Three Men and a Baby, and the renowned television show Magnum P.I. His acting abilities are exceptional, because he really throws himself into the role of the character that he is trying to portray. While he is most well-known for the aforementioned roles, shortly thereafter, he made an appearance in many television shows and over 50 films, both as an actor and as a film producer. He has been a leading actor and producer for over the last 4 decades. Aside from his accolades as an accomplished actor, Selleck is a disciplined Christian. Selleck believes that he owes his outstanding success to his unyielding faith in the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In spite of this, the pathway to Jesus, for Selleck, was not an easy one. He struggled for a long time in his faith.

Tom Selleck was born on January 29, 1945 in Michigan. His parents were hardworking Christians who worked blue-collar jobs. His dad worked as a carpenter, whereas his mother worked as a stay-at-home mom, however, the family did not reach greater financial success until his dad managed to earn more income in the field of selling real estate. Tom was the second child born. In general, Selleck felt as though he had to compete with his older brother, Robert, for attention and achievement. His childhood was far more troublesome then simple sibling bickering. Any time he would get into an argument with others or with his family members, Sellecks father would punish him with the swift slap of his belt, and in many cases, with physical harm. Despite this, Tom grew to become very responsible. In high school, he strived to go the University of South Carolina to play basketball, for he was already leading his high school to victory in playing the sport. However, the school proved to be too expensive. Instead, Selleck decided to attend Junior College with a scholarship for basketball that he had earned. Over time, he managed to save up some money, and was then able to transfer to USC for his junior year of college. At the time, he was majoring in business admin, while attending acting auditions for the fun of it. After some encouragement from his coach, he entered Hollywood, and shortly thereafter, began appearing on the show The Dating Game during the years 1965 and 1967.

Although he made up his mind that he wanted to pursue a career in Hollywood, he decided to keep his faith as his top priority. Thus, his voyage to become the man he is today was no simple process. Selleck firmly believes that the numerous awards he earned for his acting career would not be possible without his faith in Jesus. For Tom, all of the actions he takes in life are directed by Jesus. Sometimes, life can feel like a bitter pill to swallow, with many trials and tribulations to defeat. Still, we must continue living in faith. In God, nothing is impossible, so we must continue to trust and pray to him. This is done so that we can become successful and honorable.