A homeowners association in Texas has told a Fort Hood soldier that he would be fined if he did not take his American flag down.

The man, whose name is Chris Link, stated that the homeowners association first told him that he could not have a flagpole.

He took the flagpole down and displayed his flag in front of his home. The homeowners association then told him that he was going to have to take his flag down.

Chris told KCEN-TV that the homeowners association sent him an email on Wednesday, April 1, 2020. The email stated that Chris had violated the rules by displaying an American flag. According to the homeowners association, American flags can only be flown on Flag Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.

Chris was disappointed when he was told that he would have to take down his flag. He stated that many people do not realize how much the flag means to him. He said that the American flag shows the reason that he decided to join the Army. He also said that the flag shows everything that the country stands for.

When Chris was first warned by the homeowners association, he took the flag down and displayed it in front of his church. He also told the homeowners association that he had ever right to display the flag. Additionally, he stated that his right to display the flag was protected by the Display the American Flag Act of 2005.

However, the homeowners association stated that Chris had no right to display his flag. They also stated that they have had the same issues with other homeowners. They told Chris that if he did not remove the flag, then he would have to pay a fine.

The email stated that the owner of the property was the one who asked the man to remove his flag. The owner also stated that he is patriotic. However, the homeowners association has its own set of rules that everyone has to abide by.

The news station did reach out to the homeowners association for comment. They stated that people are allowed to display flagpoles. However, every flagpole has to be approved by the homeowners association. They also stated that the owner of the home did not approve of the flag.

Chris has received a lot of reports from his neighbors. They have raised their flags in order to support him. Clifford Devaul is one of Chris’s neighbors. He is also a veteran. Clifford stated that no one has the right to tell a citizen of the United States that they cannot fly a flag.

The Freedom to Display American Flag Act allows people to display their flag in their own yard. However, the homeowners association does have a right to put restrictions on where and when you can display your flag. People do have a right to challenge the homeowners association if they feel that the rules are not fair or are discriminatory.