Most people know what part of the body to put erection cream on but one TikTok user tried to find out what happens when they apply it somewhere else. Jerry Maldonado found his video went viral when he opted to put some erection cream on his lips just to see what would happen. He thought that it would make his lips look a bit bigger and this theory turned out to be true. While it did seem to work for him, doctors have since come out to say that it is not safe and people should not attempt to emulate this at home. In the vid, he can be seen putting the cream on his lips in an effort to make them look a bit plumper. Although he did say he was convinced it would work, doctors are still saying it should not be used for that purpose. He let it stay on his lips for a few minutes until he opted to remove it to find out they were much lusher than they were before as many outlets were quick to report on in the days to follow.

It was not long before this vid had more than 3.5 million views and he explains that he saw info about putting the cream on his lips while he was watching tv. In a recent statement, he said he was watching a film where a girl tried to pull off that kind of stunt and it made it much bigger than it was before. He does not remember the name of it but this is what inspired him to emulate it. The film has since been confirmed to be a nice girl like you which has been panned by audiences and critics alike. Many of the TikTok users were quick to point this out. The video shows him applying a lot of it to his lips to ensure he makes the most out of this cream. In the statement, he tells the press that it did not feel that bad but he did feel some sort of tingling sensation. He gave it 5 minutes prior to seeing what the end result of it would be.

Sure enough, his lips looked a lot bigger than they did before which is why he opted to take a picture of this to show the whole world. He said he did want to give it 10 minutes but the cream burned a lot so he took it off after 8. This is due to the fact that more blood was rushing to his lips much in the same way it would if it were used down below. Many of the doctors online do not seem to like this trend as one of them said it will lead to your lips swelling up and it tends to last for up to an hour. So it only takes 15 for the effects to start showing but in the long run, it will not last forever. They were not made to be consumed which is why doctors are advising people not to try this as it could endanger their health in the long run. But since it’s caught fire on TikTok, it does not seem as if this trend is going anywhere anytime soon.