Millennials are always on the lookout for fashion and beauty trends, even if they’re strange. However, not everyone is immediately taken by a popular new style due to how unusual it can be at times. Women are becoming victims of beauty trends that promise them false hope these days. Still, they would give in just to try to stand out. It may be strange haircuts, odd haircuts, or color that attracts people today.

Many online beauty gurus began touting nostril hair extension a few years ago. It is still fashionable today, even up now!

You’ve undoubtedly heard some ranting about this latest fashion fad on the internet. However, as you can see, it isn’t something that everyone would be willing to try. It’s just ugly and unappealing. How did this become a beauty trend when it doesn’t improve your appearance in any way?

We’ve all been obsessed with trimming our nasal hair, haven’t we? But the beauty industry appears to be catching up. You might not believe it, but nostril hair extensions are becoming quite popular.

Everyone is wondering how this beautiful style began. @gret_chen_chen, an Instagrammer, first revealed the world to this unique look when she posted a photo of herself wearing fake eyelashes that she secured into her nostrils’ openings. Because it’s something one-of-a-kind, a lot of individuals quickly adopted and implemented it as their own “beauty trend.”

Although it may seem unusual, many women are adopting the same practice. In reality, if you look through Instagram, the hashtag #nosehairextensions has over 500 posts. It might be photos or videos from other users who have tried the latest trend.

A YouTuber named Taylor R has uploaded a hair extension video on YouTube with over 150,000 views. There is no doubt that thousands of people are interested in this trend still.

Yes, it appears to be a lot of fun, but you should be cautious about applying false eyelashes on your nostrils. The Cleveland Clinic has warned everyone who is thinking about doing this. Our natural nasal hair has an important role in our lives.

It prevents dust and other particles from entering your lungs by keeping them trapped. If you pull out the protective hair after putting fake lashes inside of your nostrils, it may remove some of the adjoining hair.

If you really want to do it, take it slowly. This will not be simple, especially if you change your mind and wish to remove it because of its unappealing appearance. This is not for the faint of heart.

Women in the 1990s frowned upon full brows, to say the least. However, take a look at how it is becoming more popular nowadays. Perhaps this will be the fate of nose hair extensions in the future. We all know how the internet works, after all.

We shouldn’t be shocked by any longer the blossoming beauty and fashion trends. Yes, some are worth trying, but there are others that we should simply allow others to try, such as the fake nostril extension.

Are you up for it? Do you think you’re bold enough to try these nose hair extensions?