Cleaning the bathroom is never a fun chore. Fortunately, one Australian mom found a solution that makes tackling mess less of a stress. Chloè shared her trick for cleaning the shower on Facebook, and it’s getting rave reviews. The secret? A $0.99 bottle of Aldi’s dishwashing soap. It’s always fantastic to find a super cheap cleaning solution. Chloè posted before and after pictures to show just how clean a bottle of soap that costs less than a dollar can make your space. Judging by the pictures, Aldi’s Unamat dishwashing liquid is quite a miracle product. Aldi has been in Sydney since 2001 but has not expanded to any towns in Northern Australia, even Townsville, Cairns, or Darwin. Aldi Limited was incorporated in New Zealand in 2001, but consumer demand hasn’t been strong enough in New Zealand to warrant building new supermarkets.

The before pictures that Chloè posted of her bathroom looked like a frightful mess. Soap scum was all over the shower spigot and on the walls. But the after photos look incredible. It’s as if a professional cleaner swooped in to make everything shine like new. The photos went viral on a Facebook page for “Aldi Mums,” a group for Australian mothers to share Aldi tips and tricks. The group has over 700 members. Chloè shared that she doesn’t just use Aldi’s Unamat dishwashing soap to clean her bathroom. She uses it in her entire house. She tackles her floors, carpet stains, dirty furniture, and her stovetop and oven with Aldi’s Unamat soap. Chloè shared a picture of the before and after of cleaning her stovetop using the dish soap. The before photo showed the metal rings on her stovetop covered with rust, dirt, and grime. The after photo looks as though the stains never existed. Incredibly, just dishwashing soap can make your whole house spotless.

Facebook users were blown away by how incredible Chloè’s home looked after she tackled the mess only using dish soap. One person wrote that they were going to try this trick to get better results in their own home. Other users suggested adding vinegar to the dishwashing liquid for an extra boost against tough stains and mildew in bathrooms. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant, and the smell doesn’t last long. It gives a nice streak-free shine. Some users chimed in on Chloè’s post with their cleaning secrets. One woman has been cleaning her bathroom for decades using Dawn dish soap. Another commented that they prefer to use germ-killing products like Lysol and Windex for peace of mind. Cleaning preferences are always very personal, but it’s helpful to learn new tips when you can. Thank you Chloè for telling us how to make our homes spotless with just one cleaner.