In the great state of Texas several miles east of Dallas in the town of Lake Fork there is a beautiful story about a generous store owner named Frank Hemani. Lake Fork is s small town located between the lake and Emory which is on Farm Road 515. Hemani is the owner of 3 businesses in the area and has decided at his convenience store Start Mart do something very different. Start Mart serves the local community and travelers passing through to go to the lake for fishing and fun. Lake Fork is famous for its premier Bass fishing and draws the attention of many travelers to come and enjoy. After this beautiful story of a generous store owner is told, this town will not just be known for the trophy Bass fishing, but for loving others enough to make a positive change in our local communities.

Lake Fork now has more to be proud of other than fishing, they have Hemani. Hemani was tired of always seeing poorer people who have lost their job searching for food just to survive. He decided to take a foot in the right direction with his personal conviction from seeing a poor family show up at his Start Mart location. This family did not have enough money to purchase food and the kids in the car were crying due to the hunger they faced. He decided to do something about that family’s situation by making them a pizza to eat so they would not be hungry anymore. Hemani knew he did not grow up with these types of struggles but knew in his heart that nobody else should have to endure that either. Hemani wanted to let fellow Texans know in his close community that he is here for them and especially when there is so much need. What he did next was amazing and extremely heart felt by others who heard the story.

Hemani was moved by that family he helped and sought to do more. He ventured across a YouTube video of a place offering free food to people in need. He decided he would do something similar with one of his locations. Hemani decided to put a sign up in the dairy section of his Start Mart location that said the following: “If you don’t have money or a job, you can have a sandwich and a bottle of water for free.” This gesture led to Hemani giving out roughly 6 sandwiches per week to needy individuals. Hemani was very upset about the state of our world economy and could not stand to see poor people struggling. This outrage of seeing so much need in the world sparked the fire in Hemani’s heart to do something about it to assist in positive change. Hemani has lived in this community over the past ten years and wants to take care of his fellow neighbor in need. This is an action that can inspire others in a similar position to want to help their neighbors and community to take care of the people who struggle to put food on the tables to feed their families. It is more important now more than ever before to take the example of Hemani and his generosity and implement it where we can in our everyday lives to make the world a better place.