Linda Johnson and Amanda McCormick came into a Dollar General store with a plan. They thought that they could make a quick and smart purchase using a fake $1 million bill. Thinking it would be a smart move, the pair decided to use that fake $1 million bill to get into a shopping cart full of goods and tried to pay with the fake bill. Two women were arrested after trying to steal from a Dollar General in Maryville, Tennessee.

According to the store’s employees, they called the cops after seeing the pair trying to pay with fake money. A Dollar General employee called the cops after seeing two women stuffing fake bills into their mouths. The law enforcers then talked to them about the church they were sent to. Dollar General employee rejected the purchase of gift cards by two women after she learned that the money was fake. The women, who identified themselves as homeless individuals, claimed that they did it to help those in need.

Dollar General employees confronted the two women after they were caught trying to purchase gifts for the homeless. However, when she and her accomplice were caught, the employee who accepted the money told her that it was fake. When questioned by the police, Johnson claimed that she was only caught in the crossfire because of her companion, who was trying to purchase with fake money. After a whole process, the women were caught trying to steal goods from a store using counterfeit money. Chauvin was one of the officers who killed Floyd who was reportedly trying to make a purchase with a fake $20 bill. Before he was killed, Floyd tried to purchase a fake $20 bill. He was then confronted by officers Derek Chauvin and Brian Johnson. The latter then fired his gun and killed him. With this said, these two women weren’t even charged for their crime, let alone being killed despite their intentions to rob the Dollar Store. What are your thoughts on the way this attempted crime in Tennessee was handled? Do you think these women should have been charged?