The set of ABC’s “The View” witnessed yet another unforgettable moment as co-host Joy Behar, known for her strong left-leaning views, faced an unexpected mishap. In a comical incident that took place in March 2023, Behar missed her chair and took a dramatic tumble, landing right beside her seat. The video of the amusing incident has since gone viral, capturing the attention of viewers worldwide.

As the cameras rolled, Joy Behar attempted to gracefully take her seat on the show’s panel, but fate had other plans. The moment she missed her chair, laughter erupted both on and off-screen. Whoopi Goldberg, fellow co-host and comedian, couldn’t help but comment on the incident, reassuring the audience that everyone was okay and that the mishap had certainly startled them all. Whoopi praised Behar’s efforts to regain her balance, adding that the attempt not to fall had been quite a sight to witness.

In a true demonstration of her sense of humor, Joy Behar playfully likened her fall to a wild ride at an amusement park. As she sprawled on the floor, she humorously exclaimed that the chairs seemed to be moving like a swirling roller coaster at Coney Island. Behar’s co-hosts joined in on the laughter, making light of the situation and turning it into a memorable moment on the show.

Following the incident, “The View” made sure to prioritize the safety of its co-hosts by introducing new, safer chairs on set. The new chairs feature a sturdy design with four tall legs, a square seat, and an adjoining back, aiming to prevent any further unexpected tumbles. Joy Behar, while joking about the chairs’ suitability for her co-hosts, appreciatively pointed out the importance of their enhanced safety measures.

While “The View” may present itself as a pleasant talk show featuring friendly and relatable co-hosts, there’s no denying the diverse range of opinions among them. Despite their pleasant on-screen demeanor, they are unafraid to voice their passionate and sometimes radical views. Rapper Ice Cube, for instance, shared his experience of not being allowed on the show due to differing political beliefs. This behind-the-scenes insight into the show’s dynamics adds another layer of interest to the program.

Joy Behar’s humorous fall on “The View” has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on viewers, becoming an iconic moment that will be remembered for years to come. The incident also prompted the show to take necessary precautions, ensuring the safety and comfort of its beloved co-hosts. As “The View” continues to entertain and provoke discussions, one thing remains certain – the unexpected can happen at any moment, making each episode a delightfully unpredictable experience for both the hosts and the audience.