Did Joy Behar just announce her retirement? This is what long-time fans and critics are attempting to surmise. Behar has been the token democrat on the View for over two decades. In a recent interview conducted for Ramin Stoodeh’s backstage look at the show, Behar stated what many believe to be her intent on leaving in 2022. Stoodeh’s book is called The Explosive Inside Story of the View, and takes a deeper look at the inner workings of the show and its hosts.

The comments causing all the trouble came when Behar began talking about her future plans. Such discussion usually leads many people to think of life after retirement, and at 77 Behar admits she is not getting any younger. Behar commented on how her current contract is set to expire in 2022, and then stated that she was not planning on renewing it. This may appear to be a clear indication that Behar will retire, but the host also left room open to change her mind.

In true Joy Behar fashion, the long-time host stated, “If I continue to be fabulous in 2022 I may be wrong.” This has led many to believe that Behar’s retirement is still very much up in the air. Behar followed up this comment by saying the likelihood of changing her mind is slim, but there is still plenty of hope left for her fans. It is clear that the View is not ready to let the host go.

A representative of the show not only stated that ’22 would see her seat still being filled but also refuted Behar’s retirement stating that the rumors were untrue. Her interview does paint Joy’s plans being to hang up her mic at the conclusion of her contract, but for now, it is apparently a waiting game. Of course, Behar could resist adding more fuel to the fire by stating she could retire early.

In her interview, Joy Behar said that she could leave early if she wanted as the show could not really do anything to her. This comment caused a bit of excitement from both her fans and detractors. It is also not the first time she has done this.

Joy Behar was fired back in 2013 for being too political. ABC kept her on for guest appearances before taking their decision back and giving her a slot as a full-time host two years later. Earlier this year she took a leave of absence due to Covid-19. Claiming that she is a higher risk due to her age, she stated that she could no longer commute to the show. Recently, however, Behar returned to the View by calling in from home. So for foreseeable future, Behar will continue to be the boisterous voice she has always been.