On Monday, Pope Francis made a statement that has caused many of his followers to question his mental stability. During the address, Pope Francis stated that our culture employs too many adjectives and adverbs, and does not utilize nouns as effectively as it should. Because he is lashing out against the crime of employing too many adjectives – descriptive words – in order to avoid facing reality.

The Pope’s criticism of people’s use of adjectives and adverbs caused a stir, as many had assumed that he was reacting to something.

Instead of condemning greed and violence, Pope Francis focused his message on Monday on the use of adjectives. “I am allergic to those words,” said the Catholic Church leader.

After that, he instructed his devoted followers to utilize fewer adjectives and adverbs rather than more powerful nouns and verbs.

“We have fallen into the culture of adjectives and adverbs, and we have forgotten the strength of nouns. Why say, ‘authentically Christian?’ It is ‘Christian!’ The mere fact of the noun ‘Christian,’ ‘I am Christ!’ is strong. It is an adjective noun, yes, but it is a noun. The communicator must make people understand the weight of the reality of nouns that reflect the reality of people. And this is a mission of communication. To communicate with reality, without sweetening with adjectives or adverbs.”

During the Vatican Dicastery for Communication’s address, the concept of communication style and greater purposefulness with word choice emerged. He established the organization in 2015 to bring the traditional Catholic Church from his ancient era into the digital age.

During his stirring address, Pope Francis stated:, “I have a speech to read. It’s not that long. It’s seven pages. But I’m sure that after the first one the majority of you will fall asleep.”

Pope Francis was well aware that a grammar lesson was not the most interesting topic for Catholics, despite the fact that there are greater sins affecting the world’s morality – when there are more phrases and adverbs used than necessary.

The Pope then tweeted after his speech,, “Let us learn to call people by their name as the Lord does with us and to give up using adjectives.”

Pope Francis has over 18 million followers on Twitter, who adore hearing his words of knowledge.

The Pope’s expanding social media presence, which includes an Instagram account, is overseen by the Dicastery for Communication.

Why does the Pope feel the need to discuss with Catholics about the use of adjectives? Adjectives taint a noun’s truth. They may weaken and erode its significance. Let’s consider the example given by the Pope – genuine Christian. If this phrase is used, it implies that Christians are not real. The Pope believes that these strong words become less significant when they are modified using an adjective.