Eve from Florida has devoted considerable effort to crafting the inside of her fridge to be both ‘aesthetically pleasing’ and practical. Yet, online critics have shared their disapproval of her design decisions by questioning its functionality – such as incorporating decorative elements which raised eyebrows among many users. Despite this criticism, Eve stands firm in embracing a space that reflects both her style and function for herself.

Photographs of Eve’s Florida fridge have been all over the internet due to its exceptional nature. In contrast to what you’d find in most fridges, hers contains a portrait of her cat as well as balloons, living vegetation, and uncooked spaghetti! On top of that, she often refreshes her refrigerator with fragrant flowers – keeping it smelling amazing at all times. It comes as no surprise why everyone is so fascinated by this unique set-up!

While many were captivated by the aesthetic appeal of Eve’s fridge, a few people couldn’t help but express their concern over her “unconventional” decorations. After all, who would ever think to put certain items inside a refrigerator? Evidently, that didn’t stop Eve from stocking it with the unique and interesting decor!

Eve released an engaging video tour of her refrigerator, labeling it: “What does my fridge say about how I think?” Her Florida home is a sight to behold. She proudly displays her lovely kitten picture, vibrant floral arrangements, and an impressive collection of Voss water bottles and Michelob Ultra beer cans that are always within easy access.

Eve expected a positive response to her video but was instead inundated with criticism for featuring an American kitchen with a fridge that didn’t meet their standards.

“It says you’re a starving alcoholic with style,” one woman said.

“Your fridge looks pretty – but I doubt you cook.”

“So, dinner is composed of baby carrots, lettuce, some aioli, and a framed picture of a cat. My favorite!”

Despite people’s curiosity as to why Eve had a framed portrait of her cat in the refrigerator, she declined to expand on it further. She simply stated that it was an homage – almost like a shrine – for her cherished pet feline inside of her fridge.

Shocking many, the addition of decorations on a fridge sparked an uproar from those who believe it’s improper to embellish a refrigerator.

“It’s a fridge – not a display cabinet or coffee table.”

“This is a first for me. Are we really decorating our fridges? I hate 2023 already.”

“I barely have space for all the food and drinks … now I have to have space for decorating too? Even during the holidays?”

Certain individuals were unhappy with the way Eve staged her refrigerator for the video.

“Maybe if I add flowers and a picture of my dog, it will counterbalance all the expired condiments and aged leftovers,” one man stated. “Your fridge just called me poor in four different languages.”