Children and adults love Halloween because it’s when people get to be someone else for a day by dressing up in costumes. If you’re old enough, you can also go around your neighborhood collecting candy from strangers. But there are some costumes that will get canceled by the “woke” social media mob if you wear them this year. Here are just a few of the most offensive ones:

Anne Frank costumes are insensitive as they make light of the struggles that Jewish people faced during the Holocaust. Additionally, it is culturally appropriative as it does not take into account the lived experiences of those who suffer from anti-semitism.

By 2022, costumes that make fun of people’s bodies will no longer be tolerated. For example, the costume above with a skinny man riding on the shoulders of an overweight woman is now seen as offensive and problematic.

Another type of costume that is viewed as distasteful by many people are those which play off cultural stereotypes. These costumes often offend people and should be avoided unless you want to invite the anger of social justice warriors.

In 2022, a Muslim terrorist costume will also be seen as offensive. This is because it has become widely known that white American people are more likely to be terrorists than Muslims in America. Therefore, this costume suggests a cultural stereotype which offends Muslims and others from different cultures.

Wearing blackface is derogatory to Black people and has been for some time, yet individuals still cover their skin in dark makeup to look like someone of color. This behavior summons images of racist minstrel shows that used Blacks as entertainment while promoting false stereotypes about them.

In 2022, another offensive costume you might see is one that mocks people with mental health issues. In recent years, mental health has become a commonly discussed topic as society becomes more understanding that “crazy” doesn’t mean these people can help how they act. Rather, chemical imbalances impact their behavior in ways that many deem abnormal.

Because indigenous people were wiped out by white colonizers through genocide, dressing up as a Native American for Halloween is now considered offensive. For hundreds of years, these individuals faced murder and mistreatment at the hands of those exploring and colonizing new land. Wearing such a costume pokes fun at a culture that has suffered greatly, making it unacceptable today.

Transgender people should no longer be the brunt of Halloween costumes. Instead, by 2022, transphobic costumes will fall out of Social media has made it easier to hold people accountable for their actions and words, so why not extend that standard to what we wear? Making fun of transgender people is an unacceptable pastime that shouldn’t be tolerated – let’s hope society catches up soon.

Are you offended by these costumes?