Although 67-year-old kindergarten teacher Mamie Aplon has been a staple in the Jasper community for years, she made one mistake that landed her behind bars for the next year. Aplon’s offense was quite serious – and utterly disgusting when you hear about what she did to her young student. Although the teacher has been officially charged with a misdemeanor of “official suppression,” the formerly esteemed teacher of Few Primary School will never be looked at the same way again.

What did Mamie Aplon do? Prosecutors were very direct in their descriptions of her actions. Apparently, Aplon, a kindergarten teacher who was otherwise respected, made one boy “eat his own feces” as a form of punishment that was cruel and unusual.

Superintendent Dr. Steve Hyden of the Jasper Independent School District said that the allegations against Aplon were reported on the same day that he supposedly forced a child to eat his own feces.

Aplon had her bond set at $10,000 by County Judge Mark Allen. Aplon is the daughter of former Jasper Mayor R.C. Horn.

The veteran educator’s friends and colleagues have lept to her defense after the disgusting, reprehensible accusations were made. They said she is an incredibly compassionate teacher who “loves all of her students” deeply and would never do something like that to a child.

Aplon must go to court and prove her innocence against the difficult allegations, even though she knows she is not guilty. If convicted, the year-long prison sentence and $4,000 fine would be especially tough for an elderly person like her to endure.

The incident detailed by prosecutors is cause for alarm among all parents. On September 25, 2019, Aplon made the child to “eat his own feces” and perform other repulsive acts of mistreatment.

Dr. Hyden has given a statement about the allegations on behalf of the school district. As soon as it was reported, Aplon was placed on administrative leave.

“The district has cooperated fully during the investigation of this matter and will continue to do so,” he said. “As this is a sensitive student and personnel matter, the district cannot provide further details about the incident. However, the issue of the safety and wellbeing of Jasper students is our top priority.”

Aplon was indicted by the Jasper County grand jury on October 31, 2019, approximately one month after the incident occurred. According to the indictment, Aplon purposely forced E.J. (the victim) to horrible acts of mistreatment “knew was unlawful, namely causing E.J. to eat his own feces” while “acting under the color of her employment as an educator.”

The educator’s supporters leaped to her defense all over social media.

“I had the pleasure of two years of the recess with this lady, and she sure did teach me a lot about teaching,” wrote Nancy Pace, a colleague and fellow educator.

What is your opinion on the veteran kindergarten teacher’s recent allegations?