Vlogging has become a massive part of the internet. YouTube, the second most used social media site only to Facebook, has become the hub for all things videos. Vlogging (video blogging) however, is the genre of video that has taken the world by storm and created literal millionaires.

The most popular content creators on YouTube document their daily lives and upload it to their dozens, hundreds, thousands, millions, and even sometimes hundreds of millions of subscribers. Everything from eating, to hanging out with family and friends, to vacationing, and so much more gets recorded in these videos.

So make way for Alana Blanchard, her man Jack Freestone and their nearly 70,000 YouTube subscribers.On Alana and Jack’s vlog channel, they document themselves going on vacation, taking care of their child, eating healthy food, and simply living life in Hawaii among other things. They are a very active couple. Alana is a vegan and has surfed since she was four years of age. Many of the couple’s videos involve surfing and other things Hawaii is known for.

The most recent video on the vlog channel finds Alana meeting up with her friends Bethany, Leila, and Camille in Waco, Texas to surf the wave pools. At the time of this writing, the video already boasts a very strong 51,000 views. The video was filmed by Reagen Ritchie. Fans were elated to see Bethany in the video who some of you might know as Bethany Hamilton.

She lost her arm in a tragic surfing accident brought on by a shark attack yet many years later is still going strong and still surfing. She remains a huge inspiration to all people who are aware of her story and even had a popular documentary made about her life entitled “Unstoppable”. It was a very cool moment to see two well known surfers, one of YouTube fame and one of fame outside of the internet world, cross paths and even be roommates in this video. The four minute video shows the women having the time of their lives surfing in the Waco, Texas wave pool and catching some very great waves.

To see the following that Alana Blanchard has built and the following she has maintained is quite a sight to see. It is very refreshing content to see an active, healthy, loving family enjoying themsleves on her YouTube channel. She even goes as far as to discuss her and her child’s diet in order to provide people with an idea of how she and her family maintain such a healthy lifestyle.

YouTube is undeniably a positive tool although a lot of negativity can be found on the social media platform. This channel is very different than that though. It is a spectacular source of content for people who like to watch positivity. Of course, most people who watch the channel are avid surfing fans.

But some of the subscribers are just genuinely big fans of this family and the way that they carry themselves. Subscribers cannot wait to continue following this family’s journey and all the ups and downs, and quite frankly, I cannot wait either. The family often uploads multiple times a month so make sure you stay tuned to see what content is next for the family’s YouTube channel.