What can we really say about a lady who spends $25,000 dollars on bodily modification?

Will she get a good job? Will she find true love? Will she age well? These are all questions of concern for this unique lady of interest and are addressed by various parties of both sides of the coin . But, in this day in age of the Gen Alpha, tattoos are a lot more accepted than they were during the times of the Millennial and prior, and so it is argued quite often as both acceptable and not. Is it really a huge deal to bash this lady for expressing herself in a world that has advanced tremendously over the years?

Her name is Amber Luke. She is an Australian body piercer.

It all started when she was 16; her inking days would commence. She fell in love with the look of and the way that tattoos felt when marking them on her body. Thats not unusual as 20% of those with a tattoo has more than five. Amber currently has over 100 tattoos. But that isnt the end of her body modification experience.

She would go on to a further extent of body modification and do something that is quite unusual. She would dye her eyes blue, NOT just put in blue contacts, but actually instill fluorescein dye into her eyes. She would also decide to split her tongue down the middle. Her decisions earned her the nickname, Blue Eyes White Dragon.

She currently has over 100,000 Instagram followers – https://www.instagram.com/amber__luke/.
Her profile includes 100s of photos that includes full bottle representations of her bodily modifications. In these images you can clearly get a look at the 100s of tattoos that covers the majority of her body: her neck, stomach, legs, arms, hands, feet, rear end and back.

The final results of her bodily modification may speak positivity to her, making her a satisfied dragon, but during the process of healing it wasnt an easy ride to handle. Her tongue piercing denied her the right to properly talk or eat for a week. After getting her eyes dyed blue, she put herself at risk of going blind. For three weeks, she was unable to see. Luckily it all worked out to her advantage and she became the dragon that she was destined to be.

The cause of Amber committing to this body modification process was depression. At the age of 14, she was diagnosed with the disorder. This body modification process was considered to her as a way to feel more like herself. Today, her look is one of the most controversial of our time. ITVs This Morning held a live televised interview to discuss her decision of spending $25,000 to look like a dragon.

Amber is satisfied with her body modification, and experiences numerous negative commentary, but she is proud of herself and continues to be who she was destined to be. She says that Ive evolved myself over the years into what I want to be and look like. She was once dissatisfied with how she looked prior to body modifications and now she is happy and loving life more than ever. What do you say to a woman who looks like a dragon through body modifications and not the least depressed or hopeless?