Every so often, there is a new trend that takes over Instagram. Hashtags, poses, and posts are all dedicated to whatever the latest craze may be. These poses are typically started by influencers. Influencers are celebrities who have a large following on social media.

Their goal is to inspire others to mimic their actions, habits, likes, and more. Some of the pose trends seen so far in 2019 have been the gazelle pose, the all-natural selfie, and the candid moment where a person claims to not have their life together. These trends change quickly and if you’re not following too closely, you might miss them. Sometimes, all it takes is one person to make the pose and coin a catchy phrase that goes with it.

Someone with a lot of followers usually starts the trend, hashtags it, and watches it grow. Their followers will then pick up on this and try to mimic it in order to get more likes. The latest trend that seems to be sweeping Instagram by storm is the Sleeping Beauty pose. It’s a bit bizarre and difficult for anyone to pull off who isn’t a model.

The Sleeping Beauty is pretty much what you picture when you hear the name. Bloggers, models, celebrities, and more have nailed down the pose which is essentially them closing their eyes, leaning back, and creating a seductive pose. It’s one of those poses which may be hard for the average person to nail down because it does require some expert tilts and sultry looks.

To recreate the look, all a person has to do is pretend they’re sleeping. That part is easy. Next, they have to make it seductive by parting their lips and keeping their mouth slightly ajar. That’s where things get difficult for those with no modeling experience. The average Instagram user may end up looking silly. One way users spice up the Sleeping Beauty pose is with different backgrounds and location.

Laying on the beach in a knees-up pose, tilting your head towards the sun outdoors, or posing in front of a unique background are all popular. The Sleeping Beauty pose is particularly popular among those on vacation because it shows them relaxing on beaches, boats, and hammocks without being too forced.

The Sleeping Beauty pose has been used by many different celebrities from popular reality stars to the Kardashian family. Celebrities are always trying to set themselves apart. There are only so many times you can smile into a camera straight on. That’s why these poses help to switch things up and create different looks. They also have a certain amount of sex appeal. That’s why these poses are commonly used for models. It doesn’t matter if they’re posing in a swimsuit or lingerie, this gives them a look that shows they’re relaxed yet sexy.

When a model nails down this look, it seems natural instead of a forced smile. Although it may take the average person longer to nail down, it can still be done. Just start small by keeping your mouth turned slightly upwards. It creates a mysterious smile. After a while, you can switch to a sultry pout. Now is the time to try out the Sleeping Beauty pose because like all trends, something else will soon take its place.