An already tense landlord-tenant relationship in Hartford, Connecticut ended in tragedy when 64-year-old Victor King lost his life. Victor King was a landlord that rented a room out to 42-year-old tenant Jerry David Thompson. Thompson recently fell behind on his rent, something that was apparently occurring with regularity, and was confronted by King who was demanding that the back rent be paid. In the end, Thompson murdered King by chopping off his head, in a completely bloody and horrific way, with the use of a samurai sword he owned.

King had previously notified the police of Thompson’s aggressive behavior and threats with the sword, which was why police were willing to carry out a wellness check after friends didn’t hear from King in a couple of days. Thompson left King laying on his kitchen floor, which was where the police discovered his mutilated body when they conducted their wellness check.

Thompson was arrested for the murder of King, but the case immediately took an interesting turn on account of Thompson declaring himself a sovereign citizen and not bound by the laws of the United States. Despite this, Thompson was processed and is being held on two million bails while he awaits trial.