Parents have a lot of responsibility. They constantly have to make choices regarding their children, like what they should eat and when it’s time for bed. Unfortunately, these decisions often lead to parental stress. After a mom was harassed by a teenager on the subway, she decided to take action and teach the teen respect.

As the video begins, we see a mother and her teenage child engaged in a heated argument while other riders look on uncomfortably. The teenage boy gets uncomfortably close to the mother, entering her personal space. The mom refuses to be intimidated by his body language and stands up for herself. Things quickly turn physical, however, and the mother is forced to take action. The teen forcefully pushes the woman, but she is already prepared to handle that type of situation. The mom immediately takes out a can of pepper spray and sprays it directly into the teen’s face.

The boy quickly stopped threatening the woman and started yelling and grabbing at his eyes instead. The other passengers simply watch the fight unfold in front of them during their otherwise routine subway ride.

The video was posted to Facebook, where it got a lot of attention very quickly. In just a few days, the video had tens of thousands of likes and shares from people all over the world.

“She did not instigate she warned, the kid was already threatening her… learn the difference and stop enabling these kids to be bullies whole complaining about it in schools,” one person said.

We’re sharing the YouTube video with you today. expressed their views about the fight between In total, over one hundred people left comments on the video most commendation the woman for defending herself against what could have been a dangerous attacker.

“Didn’t his parents teach him not to mess with women from the Bronx or Harlem, lol? God Bless.”

“I’m glad I️ chose to have a kid early on in life … I️ can see her father raised a real WOMAN, bout 16-17 years down the line. I️ wouldn’t be surprised if my lil girl does the same, if not worse.”

“Pepper Sprays are illegal in NYC. When the cop comes to her, he will give her a citation of $175.”

“Something here reminds me of an old saying: Stupid is as stupid does.”

“What did he think she was going to do? Run home she got bills to pay and family to feed, and she is by herself in a very vulnerable, so she gotta protect herself he better be glad it was only pepper spray and not a 22 caliber.”

After watching this video, what are your thoughts? How would you have reacted if you were the woman on the New York City subway who was being attacked?