Today, many teens have easy access to the web and internet so that they can communicate online. Although in the past it may have seemed hard to distinguish, today when a text is sent it can easily sound like some trouble is involved. This is what happened to a 15 yeard old teenage girl after she sent her boyfriend a text. Within her text, she had stated that the lover of her mother came into the bedroom, and instantly made her scared of something that may happen to her. The messages got received a week prior to her disappearance and discovery of her lifeless body within a ditch along the road in West Virginia, all muddy and beaten. She stated that she felt fear towards ¨Andy¨ as well as not trust him at all. Besides that text message, it was discovered that she had also texted that she was scared, which was ultimately scarier to see. Following that text of feeling scared, it was not long that Riley became a missing person and was not discovered until her lifeless body turned up 7 days later in the ditch. Fortunately, the text became valuable evidence during a hearing involving Andy McCauley, who had become charged for murdering Riley a week prior.

Initially, the ¨scared¨ text was received on the 7th of May and her body was discovered on the 16th of May along a roadside ditch. Riley´s mother had also made a report for a missing person on the 8th of May, showing great concern for her High School teen, but police were unsuccessful with discovering evidence of foul play until a week later. However, now that her body was found, there has been a growing amount of evidence against Andy, which could see him behind bars for many years. Relative to the Morgan County prosecutor, it is expected that the hearing will not be over soon due to the time frame of receiving autopsy results. Also, due to the remains being a bit decomposed, the medical examiner may have a harder time determining Ryley´s true cause of death. According to a Sheriff´s department statement, Ryley became missing after she failed to attend school on the 8th of May. According to Chantel Oakley, Riley´s mother, attempts were made to text Riley, but all failed to be received.

At first, the school was checked by the mother to verify her attendance. But since she was not seen on campus, the mother became even more concerned for her daughter´s whereabouts. This made her decide to return home to check if she went home. Riley´s bedroom was checked but was empty, which made her even more concerned now, for the fact that nobody had been in contact with her. Then she received the school´s call concerning the absence. At this point is when she opted to inform law enforcement concerning the missing teenager. Riley´s mother knew she would not simply leave. There was too much love and no need to make anybody worried. According to the father, he noted that Riley would not go as far as to simply leave. She was too much of a gentle spirit in all that she did. Right from the start of the hearing, Andy was the main suspect right from the start. With overwhelming evidence, it is clear that Andy won´t see the light of day for a while from prison.