Mutarelli, 21, from Delaware, was scolded by her school’s principal for what she wore to work one day. Mutarelli had worn a white dress which she deemed appropriate but the principal saw it as being too provocative for a student teacher. Now, Mutarelli is taking to TikTok to get public opinion on whether her outfit was too inappropriate for school.

In a shocking turn of events, the student teacher showed off her outfit, which was an above-the-knee white dress with a long black cardigan. After being scolded by the school principal, the student teacher felt “embarrassed” and wanted to avoid other people at the school.

The student teacher’s clip has since gone viral because so many people are shocked that the school principal called her outfit “too sexy” for the schoolhouse.

“I got dress coded at school today. I was student teaching and both my partner, and I were wearing dresses and the principal told us to dress for the jobs that we want,” Mutarelli stated. “So now I’m extremely embarrassed and I don’t know what to wear to student teaching anymore.”

Mutarelli went viral again when she shared the professional, yet revealing outfits she wears to work at her school. One particular dress was floral, “nice and long but it is tight,” as Mutarelli described it.

She continued, “I don’t know if this would be ok or not but I think it’s super cute… I don’t think I can wear it.”

The Daily Mail reports that she also wore a flowing green gingham dress with puff sleeves. However, she is unsure if the outfit meets social standards because it is shorter than knee-length.

“I don’t know if that seemed inappropriate or not and I am literally just so stressed.”

Mutarelli used TikTok in order to receive help from strangers online; she was curious about what fashion choices would not get her into trouble with her school’s principal.

“I kind of thought that we had a pretty chill dress code but I guess not. I don’t know what to do and if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.”

Her TikTok video garnered lots of comments from concerned Americans. Some viewers felt that this young student teacher’s experience showed why teachers are leaving their jobs across America every single day.

“This is why we are losing good people! Nothing wrong with any of the outfits.”

“I have worn the first dress you have many times teaching for the past two years.”

Experienced teachers were more than happy to help a young student teacher find the right clothing balance for work.

“I’m a teacher – the length is fine, it’s more than likely the neckline and low cut/open back. I typically do t-shirt dresses.”

Another person said, “not a school you want to work for.”

What are your thoughts on this teacher’s outfits?