The world mourns the loss of beloved actress Suzanne Somers, whose official cause of death has been revealed. The iconic star, celebrated for her roles in classics like ‘Three’s Company,’ succumbed to a relentless battle with breast cancer that had tragically metastasized to her brain.

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Suzanne Somers’ family and fans are left to remember the legendary actress who brought laughter and joy into millions of homes across the globe. The official cause of her passing, as confirmed by her death certificate obtained by The Blast, is “breast cancer with metastasis to the brain.”

The revelation comes as a somber reminder of the relentless nature of cancer. Despite Suzanne’s resilience and indomitable spirit, the disease ultimately claimed her life. While a biopsy provided conclusive evidence, an autopsy was not performed.

It’s important to note that Suzanne’s battle was not without its challenges. Aside from the insidious cancer that took her from us, she grappled with other underlying conditions, including hypertension and hydrocephalus, which contributed to her untimely passing.

Suzanne Somers was not merely an actress but a beloved figure who left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Her portrayal of the vivacious Chrissy Snow in ‘Three’s Company’ endeared her to audiences worldwide, and her talent shone brightly in every role she undertook.

As we remember this remarkable woman, it’s heartwarming to know that she spent her final moments at home, surrounded by loved ones. Her devoted husband, Alan Hamel, held her hand as she peacefully departed on October 15, 2023, at the age of 76.

Just three days after her passing, on what would have been her 77th birthday, Suzanne’s family came together to celebrate her life and legacy. Her husband, Alan Hamel, and her son, Bruce Somers, joined in commemorating her memory.

In a touching video shared on Suzanne’s Instagram, her family expressed their gratitude for the outpouring of love and affection from fans worldwide. They extended an invitation to share fond memories and stories of Suzanne’s impact on their lives through a Tribute Book on

Bruce Somers, in particular, paid a heartfelt tribute to his mother on social media, emphasizing her strength and influence. He described Suzanne as a warrior who not only achieved great heights in her career but also stood up for those without a voice. To him, she was simply Mom, and he cherished the privilege of being her son.

Suzanne’s journey with breast cancer was a long and arduous one. Her initial diagnosis came in 2000, leading to a lumpectomy and radiation treatment. Remarkably, she chose to forgo chemotherapy, and by 2007, she triumphantly declared herself cancer-free.

However, cancer had other plans. In July of this year, Suzanne shared with her fans on social media that the disease had returned. Her resilience and determination were evident as she faced this formidable adversary once again, using a combination of alternative and conventional treatments in her battle.

Suzanne’s story is a testament to her unwavering spirit and the love she shared with her family, friends, and countless fans. She may have left this world, but her legacy of love and laughter will continue to live on in the hearts of those who adored her.

In conclusion, Suzanne Somers’ official cause of death reminds us of the relentless nature of cancer, but it also serves as a reminder of the strength and resilience that defined her life. As we mourn her passing, we celebrate the joy and laughter she brought to our lives and the enduring impact of her legacy. Suzanne Somers will forever remain in our hearts as a beloved icon of the silver screen.