The actress Susan Sarandon has been a sex symbol for the American people throughout her lengthy career. Many people look up to Hollywood stars for inspiration on how to be frisky in the sack. The famous actress, who has been in the public eye for quite some time now, might not be as heterosexual as her fans think. In fact, she explains that she actually identifies as bisexual because, throughout her career, she has been attracted to both men and women. She stated that if given the opportunity, she would enjoy having sex with people from both genders.

In a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Susan Sarandon confirmed that she is bisexual. She told viewers that she is attracted to both men and women and wanted to let people know the truth about her sexual orientation.

Before discussing her bisexuality with Fallon and his fans, Sarandon started talking about her pets.The last time Sarandon was on Fallon’s stage, she had her dogs with her. Unfortunately, she lost one of her pets earlier this year and isn’t ready to adopt another animal just yet. However, her child suggested that maybe Sarandon should adopt a cat this time around since they require less attention than dogs do.

Sarandon then said that she was bisexual, which makes her a good candidate for owning a pet cat.

“And I’m bi, so…” Sarandon said, leaving her statement open-ended.

Fallon continued the conversation by saying, “Wait, so…You mean you slide dogs and cats?”

Sarandon said, “I’m fluid. I’m very fluid when it comes to animals.”

Although Sarandon would have sex with both genders, she is currently in a committed relationship with Tim Robbins. They’ve been together for over two decades and have two children. They appear to be content despite Sarandon’s diverse sexual history.

Back in 2017, Sarandon spoke about her fluid sexual orientation to Pride Source. She said: “My sexual orientation is up for grabs, I guess you could say.”

Last year, in 2021, Sarandon appeared on Divorced Not Dead and explained that she is attracted to both men and women. She stated during her appearance that she would find sexual pleasure with both men and women as partners, irrespective of gender. While she is dating Robbins, it remains to be seen if she also pursues other sexual partners.

Ever since her appearance in the 1975 cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sarandon has been an outstanding ally for the LGBTQ community. The movie is also considered a milestone in queer cinema.

Did you know that Susan Sarandon identifies as a bisexual woman?