Customers and employees at a junk food dining establishment came together in a distinct method to provide their assistance for among the workers. In a video that recorded the minute, a crowd of staff members and consumers are seen collecting to state a prayer for a staff member who was going through surgical treatment for breast cancer that day.

In the video, the supervisor is heard asking if anybody from the cooking area and dining location desire to bow their heads to wish Patricia Waters Russell, who they describe as Ms. Trish, they can do so.

Lots of people are seen participating, as the supervisor remarks, “Among our employee is beginning surgical treatment today for breast cancer and we wish to state a brief prayer for her, if you want to join us.”

He continues: “It’s Ms. Trish … so if you all understand her from our dining-room, today is a rough day for us, so we’re hoping that things work out.”

The supervisor keeps in mind that it will be quick and shares, “I’m not terrific at this, however I’m going to do my finest.”

He starts: “Dear Lord, please simply safeguard Ms. Trish as she starts her surgical treatment today. Please offer the cosmetic surgeon a stable hand as they carry out the required surgical treatment on her.”

The supervisor continued with the prayer, stating, “Please let everyone in the surgical treatment space be at their finest today and have sharp minds and clear heads as they deal with her. We require her back here. She is our light, she is the pillar in the neighborhood for us and everyone here enjoys her a lot.”

He completed by stating, “Please, please simply safeguard her and get her back here to brighten our days as quickly as you can.”

The video was published on Facebook by worker Susan Lackey Norris and it rapidly went viral. She composed in the video caption: “There’s lots of reason I enjoy my task, however this one definitely indicates a lot to me. If you have actually ever been to Chick-fil-A in Belmont throughout lunch hours then you have actually fulfilled Ms. Trish. Ms Trish just recently discovered that she has breast cancer and had surgical treatment today at around 11:52. There have actually been many times that she has actually stopped what she was doing and hoped with our consumers. So at 11:52, we stopped what we were doing and wished Ms Trish.”

She included: “We enjoy you Patricia Waters Russell and will continue to keep you in our prayers !! CFA BELMONT.”

Amongst the numerous individuals who reacted with remarks for the video were those who shared their well desires, as one individual kept in mind: “Prayers for Ms Trish … That’s why Chick-fil-a Belmont is among my preferred locations to consume … Thanks for making the effort to hope.”

Others shared their gratitude for the junk food chain, as one individual commented: “It’s amazing to see a business drop in the middle of hectic lunch break and state a prayer for their worker! May their business be blessed beyond anything they can picture.”

Another individual kept in mind: “Does not even matter if you’re Christian or not, the gesture is so lovely. We’re rooting for you Ms. Trish!”