The President of the United States deserves the respect and adoration he receives. However, ever since Donald Trump was elected as the next president of the United States, he has been the source of a number of stirs. It appears that when it comes to displaying their support for him, America is slipping away.

There are a few individuals that continue to defy the President, although there are others who are satisfied with how he runs everything in government. And this political division became very apparent, especially at this middle school.

A student was assigned to write a report on their hero. She wanted to write about someone she thinks is a hero for her, but the teacher denied her request.

Belle Moscato is a sixth-grader at Samoset Middle School in Middleton, Illinois. Since Trump announced his campaign for the presidency, this young lady has been in love with him. As a result, he became her preferred topic for her paper. However, when she asked her teacher about it, she was advised that she could not utilize President Donald Trump as her subject. Her teacher suggested that she find someone else to write about instead.

When she asked why she couldn’t write about him, the teacher simply responded that Trump had said awful things about women as well as others. He was also not someone the students should be writing about because he wasn’t someone they should be writing about. During her appearance on News 12 Long Island later that day, she stated, “She said that I wasn’t allowed to do Donald Trump because he spreads negativity and says bad stuff about women.” She added, “She was OK with someone doing Barack Obama, but not OK with [me] doing Donald Trump. That’s what got me angry.”

Due to what the teacher said to the student, her parents were instantly captivated. Then, as a result of what she had heard from her instructor, it quickly spread throughout the country. Belle’s folks stated that restricting their daughter’s ability to write about Donald Trump was a form of censorship. It was clearly a political act, and the school should not have permitted it in the first place.

The family is furious about the issue, but the school claims that it is not responsible. It also appears as if they are attempting to deny that such a thing occurred!

Dr. Kenneth Graham, superintendent of the Sachem Central School District, said that the teacher never informed the kid that she couldn’t write about Donald Trump. And in fact, they had been led to believe she would write about Trump after encouraging her to do so.

The parents’ response was to voice their displeasure in the form of a statement from the school’s superintendent. For them, denial and assertion only made things worse. They stated that their daughter was eager about this project because of her extensive understanding of George W. Bush. They are expecting an apology from the school, especially from the instructor, and for it to refrain from taking political stands and censoring pupils for their beliefs.

Belle’s tale made it to the White House. Her mother claims that the president of the United States wrote Belle a letter thanking her for her “heartfelt and longstanding support.”