A bride-to-be rejected a friend who had been asked to the wedding, stating that she was uninvited after witnessing how stunning she looked in her gown. However, it was the bride who picked out the clothes, leaving Alena completely astonished. Alena is a model from Heidelberg, Germany, who works as one. The bride wanted her to wear a blue and tan strapless Albina Dyla dress, which is a beautiful gown—and once she saw Alena in it, the bride told her not to attend the wedding because she feared she would steal all of the attention away from her on her big day.

After being uninvited to her friend’s wedding, Alena expressed her emotions on TikTok. Because the bride selected the same gown that made her jealous of the friend, she was seeking for empathy from others.

“My close friend uninvited me to her wedding because she thought I looked too good in the dress she chose for me,” Alena wrote as a caption in the video. “Still took some fire pics in it, though.”

The bride was criticized for wanting to bail on her friend because she looked good in her dress on TikTok.

“As your friend, she should want you to look beautiful. If she was secure and confident, she wouldn’t feel intimidated at her own wedding. So sad,” one person commented.

Another stated “Really upsets me. Women should empower each other, and we are all beautiful in our own way.”

“I mean, she’s kind of right. You can’t come like that to my wedding and expect me not to run away with you,” another user joked. “Like, at that point, I’m marrying you.”

“I can’t imagine uninviting a friend just because she looks gorgeous in a dress! She could have asked you to pick another dress. She did you dirty. Her loss.”

“You should cut the bride off, honestly. She clearly isn’t a real friend. I wouldn’t doubt if she’s been a jealous, undercover hater for a while now.”

Many people on Facebook were outraged by the bride’s conduct, with many of them referring to her as “crazy” and others calling her “jealous” and “selfish.” Some individuals even accused the bride of being a “Bridezilla.”

“That is so rude! You should wear that to the wedding. It looks awesome. She must be insecure about something for her to act like that. I would never do that to my friend!!” one person posted on Facebook.

“That is so rude! If she didn’t want you to wear that particular dress, she should have said something beforehand and not waited until the last minute when it was too late for you to find another dress. You are beautiful just the way you are!” another user said.

Alena’s TikTok video has over a million views, and the comments section is filled with people who are disgusted by her bride’s behavior. Many of them say that they would have loved to attend the wedding in that dress – and that the bride was simply being “jealous” and “selfish.”