After someone “doxed” Steve Bannon by calling in a threat that someone in the D.C. house was armed with a high-powered rifle and planned to kill as many people as possible, a heavily armed squad of SWAT cops surrounded his home. Although it was a hoax, police rushed to save Bannon from the potential danger of the out-of-control gunman who had been mentioned on the phone.

During the search, police broke into Bannon’s house and found him living on the air. Despite spending thousands of dollars on home security measures, Trump’s former White House Chief Strategist didn’t anticipate the raid on his home. He was later filmed walking with cops to his $2.35 million Washington D.C. rowhouse while saying that the cops had “been terrific” during the search of his residence.

One person tweeted, “HEAVY police presence centered on the block of A St NE between 2nd & 3rd. MPD says they’re responding “to a report of an individual with a mental health crisis. He was making threats that he would shoot someone. No victim has been found.”

Someone had reported a man with a “high powered rifle” on Bannon’s property, threatening to “shoot everyone” he could. However, there appeared to be no sign of someone using such a weapon anywhere near Bannon’s apartment.

Instead, cops now think the person who alerted them to the Washington D.C. shooter was “swatting” Bannon. This practice has grown in popularity and ease of execution. Someone may simply make a false report and send an entire SWAT team to someone’s property. However, swatting is a risky endeavor. The experts were informed that someone was on the property armed and dangerous – so they might inadvertently shoot someone while entering an innocent home believing them to be the active shooter.

Following the occurrence at Bannon’s home, a police representative stated: “About 12:30 pm, police reopened the streets after determining that there was no shooting, no weapon, no threat, and no victim.”

Meanwhile, Bannon’s legal troubles continue to mount. His attorney is attempting to remove his representation since he will likely be called as a witness in the case involving Bannon while he served in the Trump administration.

“Since it appears there will be a trial, and since it appears that at this point in time I might be called as a witness, I must reluctantly ask the Court to grant my request” attorney Robert Costello wrote in an affidavit with the District of Columbia District Court.

Last year, Bannon was charged with two counts of contempt of Congress. The former Trump aide defied a subpoena from the United States House of Representatives investigating the truth behind the January 6, 2021, attack on the United States Capitol led by Trump supporters who wanted to overturn election results.