Last year, Nicolette Gray became famous after making outrageous demands on Dr. Phil about the money she needed from her mother to maintain her expensive lifestyle.

Another spoiled youngster has gone on Dr. Phil to talk about his or her spectacular spending habits on the parents’ dime, in a bid to gain similar celebrity.

Namara, 17, has dubbed herself the Beverly Hills Princess after meeting with Dr. Phil about her extravagant spending patterns. However, others have accused Namara of blatantly copying Nicolette, 16, and her ‘brand.’

The two are very famous on social media, where they frequently post videos of themselves shopping in Beverly Hills, California, and spending an exorbitant amount of money on designer clothes and other luxury goods.

The distinction between the two teenagers is that Nicolette made her debut on Dr. Phil in May 2018, whereas Karina had already appeared on the show in December 2017. She complained because her mother was attempting to cut her monthly pay from $5,000 to $1,000 at the time.

The exposure from the show has allowed Nicolette to develop a YouTube following of more than 800,000 people who subscribe to her weekly videos about her life.

Tamara, on the other hand, came across as similar to Nicolette by talking about her designer bags being her “babies” and how she needed help with her hair and makeup.

Tamara, like Nicolette, has launched a YouTube channel where she calls herself the Beverly Hills Princess as a result of her newfound fame from Dr. Phil.

Fans of Nicolette have charged Tamara with cheating in order to get the same amount of viewers for her own channel.

On Monday, Nicolette released a video in response to the “copycat” account, which had hundreds of followers begging her to react.

‘I really didn’t want to talk about this,’ she said at the beginning of the video. ‘There’s this girl who has been copying me and I really didn’t want to have to address it.’

She then watched the Dr. Phil episode with Tamara and offered her views on the clips.

The most frequent complaint from Nicolette was that Tamara appeared to mimic what she said when she initially appeared on the show.

One example was when Tamara referred to her bags as her children, and she stated that she had chosen home schooling because of her hectic schedule.

‘I said that,’ Nicolette explained referencing her own experience on Dr. Phil. ‘I know she is trying to copy me.’

When the spoiled adolescent discovered how similar the beginning of Tamara’s YouTube videos was to her own, she compared them and realized that they had a strikingly similar start.

Tamara’s followers have accused her of plagiarism on both Instagram and YouTube.

‘She’s basically a poorer version of Nicolette Gray,’ one fan wrote while another person called her the ‘Dollar Store version’ of the Beverly Hills Brat.

After the reaction video was released, Tamara laughed off the criticism by proposing to copy Nicolette on Instagram.

What do you think of her behavior? What would you do if this was your child?