Some stars make a track record for being a queen, however this simply appears next level additional. Coco Austin, better half of rapper-turned-actor Ice-T, was caught strolling down a New york city City street with an assistant seen vacuuming the walkway in front of her. Is Coco so valuable that she can just stroll on the cleanest of surface areas? Was she attempting to keep her shoes tidy and safeguarded?

It’s at first uncertain exactly what is going on and … it’s odd, to state the least.

Video reveals Coco, worn a flower print clothing and heels, bring her child, worn a collaborating hot pink attire. As Coco walks along the pathway, somebody is seen pressing a vacuum backward and forward as if to clean up the location prior to she steps foot on it.
Onlookers see the scene unfold as Coco stops to talk to a number of males.

There’s very little description and when the video landed online, individuals began questioning if Coco’s star status had actually gone to her head entirely.

Individuals discussed whether Coco had actually made her assistant handle this strange job or if it was a promotion stunt. There was no doubt that it got a lot of attention.

It ends up there was a more simple factor for the unusual sight– Coco was doing an advertisement for Eureka vacuums. She required to Instagram to share video from the shoot, composing: “Did this enjoyable @Eurekavacuumspromotion with Chanel in Soho– I think I’m a tidy freak and you understand I enjoy my shoes #ad #eureka #cleanfreak #conquertheworld.”

Secret resolved.

Much of her fans leapt in to talk about the Instagram post, with a single person keeping in mind: “There was a lot bullshit on Facebook about you being a princess and requesting the man to vacuum the path for you to stroll on smooth ground. I understood it was BS.”

Another commenter included: “Oooh I see. Yeah I was seeing images of this and individuals were stating you in fact do this lol. I resembled naaaa she ain’t like that lol, I have actually been following her for a couple of years.”

Another fan merely stated: “I enjoy this! You’re a fantastic mother and you men are a stunning household.”

In other places on social networks, prior to individuals understood that Coco was doing this for a promo, they believed Coco was method over the leading and ruined, however someone mentioned: “It was a stunt for the vacuum brand name. She was paid to do it. Individuals think anything nowadays.”

Another person asked: “Where are the cams, the cables for the cams, the personnel, the boom mics and why are a lot of individuals coming near her for autographs and selfies if she were recording a commercial?”

Another individual reacted: “It’s made to appear like a viral video. Then you take it into studio and do the rest, like music, voice overs, and so on”

Still another commenter questioned why, “if she were shooting an industrial, the general public would not be anywhere near her or that pathway.” They included that there would be “additionals and they aren’t permitted to request for selfies when they’re working.”