House Speaker Mike Johnson recently delivered a powerful address that resonated with conservatives across the nation. Speaking before the National Association of Christian Lawmakers, Johnson addressed the state of Christianity in American culture and called on Christians to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our great nation.

In his impassioned speech during the organization’s annual meeting and gala, Johnson highlighted America’s Christian heritage as a cornerstone of our identity. “Our hope is in the Lord; our hope and our trust is in God,” he proclaimed. “This is not just a slogan; it’s our national motto, and it defines who we are as a nation. It sets us apart from the rest of the world.”

Johnson reminded us that the United States is unique in its foundation, where the rights of its citizens are believed to originate from a divine source rather than the government. He firmly asserted that these God-given rights are embedded deep within our national DNA and are worth defending at all costs.

In a time when different worldviews clash and the future of our republic hangs in the balance, Johnson urged Americans to stand united in defense of these inalienable rights. “When others threaten to strip us of our rights, we must rise to protect them,” he asserted. “This was the very essence of our country’s birth, and what we face now is a battle of worldviews—a great struggle for the future of our beloved republic.”

Johnson also emphasized the need for clarity and simplicity in discussing these crucial issues. He called on conservatives to become “winsome warriors” who can effectively influence our culture by engaging in constructive dialogue.

Despite the challenges we face, Johnson’s message remained hopeful. He stressed the importance of national unity during a period of heightened political polarization, stating that a brighter future awaits if we turn to God. “We don’t seek division; we aim for unity,” he proclaimed. “We want to lead people toward the truth and the light, to rekindle their belief in America and the promise of better days ahead—because those days are within our grasp if we turn to God.”

Ever since Mike Johnson took the helm as House Speaker, he has proudly expressed his devout Christian faith. This unwavering commitment has drawn the ire of the “woke” left, but Johnson remains resolute. He believes that divine guidance played a role in his ascension to leadership, asserting, “I don’t see coincidences in moments like these. Scripture is clear that God elevates those in authority. Each one of us has been brought here for a specific purpose at this moment in time.”

As Speaker Mike Johnson champions Christian values and principles, he stands as a beacon of hope for conservatives across the nation. His call for unity, faith, and unwavering commitment to our nation’s founding ideals resonates deeply with those who cherish America’s Christian heritage.

In a world filled with uncertainty, Johnson reminds us that our faith in God and our devotion to the principles that define us as a nation will guide us toward a brighter future. America’s future rests in the hands of those who believe in its unique and exceptional destiny, and Speaker Mike Johnson is leading the way.