Growing up as a member of a sorority can teach some valuable life lessons. Most of the travels experienced within a sisterhood represent a memory that many will carry with them throughout their lives. Jessica Bartlett attended UC Berkeley and was a member of the Alpha Phi sorority. Her roommates would help to motivate her to succeed at goal planning following her schooling terms. As a post-graduate, Jessica traveled to Los Angeles to open doors of opportunity.

Jessica became linked with a few companies and representatives out of this area, marking the building of a portfolio and body of work. Her excellent attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond her casting calls was left her as a standalone entity. She explored many different aspects of modeling, with a heavy focus on bikini and swimwear shooting. When she explored a new genre of modeling, she took to the camera with hotter heat.

One of the best parts about her fame is that she remains very versatile in her work setting. For example, she traveled to Aspen, Colorado to do a winter sporting shoot. This experience produced some of her most liked content in terms of social media standards. This journey proved that she could take on different genres of work and look good when doing so.

Her Instagram page is where she markets a majority of her content. Her 750,000 followers have had their breath taken away by beautiful scenery and background work that she has submitted. While most of her productions are limited in terms of clothing, she also adapts to fashion shoots where formal wear becomes the center of the discussion. The many different hats that she has worn throughout her career have shown a sense of do-it-all to her followers.

She remains very interactive and on-the-ball with her followers. She is consistently posting claims for assistance and providing shout out content to followers who have remained tried and true to her career goals. She gains a sense of relief from fan interaction, always providing the insight that they require to personally motivate others.

Her short-term involvement is a credit to her character and her drive. She began modeling for the first time in 2013. In just over 7 years of work, she has revealed claims and partnerships with some of the top brands within the industry.

Her continued drive will place her near the top of search engines as her involvements increase. Many enjoy her down to earth personality and her willingness to take time out of her busy schedule to invest in opportunities with helping others, assisting her fans with answers to questions, and providing people a long look inside her day to day life.