Keeping the body in pristine condition for gymnastic activity is a difficult feat. As we age, we often lose our high levels of flexibility and our ability to perform some of the relevant combinations of sport. Leah Jacobs has defied the odds and has remained a gymnast at heart. Leah is an ex-gymnast who competed at many professional and semi-professional levels. Her teenage years were filled with competition, citing travel to gyms and invitationals across the UK.

Keeping her body in shape was something she sought long after gymnastic competition. She was contacted for modeling opportunities shortly after her competition years. She wanted to keep her interests open, which is one of the reasons why her training regimen never wavered. She continued to put herself through practices and training ideals that would become synonymous with her gymnastics routines. By placing herself through this rigorous fitness routine, she would keep her flexibility with her as she moved into a career as a model.

She is credited as one of the most flexible personalities throughout the world. Most of her internet content is her adhering to basic tasks and scenes, with the inclusion of bendy poses and head-scratching mystery. Most of her fans are amazed at the high levels of flexibility she has retained as she enters her early 20s. With her flexible poses, she has placed claims to thousands of fans. Her Instagram account currently holds over 500,000 followers. Most of her followers stop by to view the incredible poses that she submits. Many are surprised by the different positions she can contour her body to, adding to the intrigue that her page has garnished over the last few years.

Remaining tried and true within the field of fitness has always been one of her goals. She became a licensed chiropractor to help others release tension within their bodies and keep their joints operating at high levels of consistency. Her chiropractic work is cited and she has hosted many different clients via her own practice. Balancing the career of model extraordinaire and operating to improve the lives of others through her chiropractic work has kept her schedule filled.

Fans love her how-to videos that explore some of the contours that she is able to place her body in. By revealing the secrets of how she submits herself to these poses is a fun interaction for her to hold with her fans. She often takes requests as to new positions or scenery that she can adapt to, making the experience within her pages very fun and energetic for all parties involved. There is plenty of fun to go around as she will continue to turn heads across all career fields she submits herself to.