Parking is one of the most frustrating things to do in a crowded area, especially during the busy times of the day when everyone is out looking for a space. You might have found yourself following shoppers through the parking lot as they approach their vehicle, hoping to claim the space as soon as they vacate it. You may have even offered a small cash tip in exchange for them holding a space for you. Regardless of the situation, people will do just about anything to ensure they have a place to park their precious vehicles.

One woman recently experienced the horrors of parking lot drama herself, and she handled it just as well as anyone could. A surveillance video shows her attempting to back her red sedan into the only empty parking spot in a crowded lot. Just as she starts to back up into the spot, a compact white car zooms in from nowhere and steals the space. Unfortunately for him, karma immediately paid him for his action. Since the woman in the red vehicle was already backing into the space, the man was forced to park along the far side of the wide space, leaving just enough room for the red sedan to squeeze in beside the white car. What happens next is pure poetic justice.

The two cars are so tightly packed in the single space that neither driver can open their car door. The man in his tiny white compact becomes irate, but the woman calmly puts down her convertible top and climbs out of her car, leaving the man stranded. No one was hurt and there was no damage done during the interaction, but that is a lucky thing. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety recently found that accidents involving aggressive drivers regularly increases 7 percent every year. Luckily, this was not one of those incidents.