Too often, people put their own needs last and deal with the consequences later. In order to change this trend, Fred + Far created promise rings that women could wear on their pinky fingers as a sign of love for themselves. As a result, more women are taking care of themselves and feeling energized to take on the world.

Melody Godfred, the company’s founder, stated that the inspiration for the jewelry series was near and dear to her heart. She said that she needed to prioritize self-care in her life because as a busy parent, she recognized that she was neglecting herself while dedicating all of her time to those closest to her.

The promise ring series was created by the co-founder Samira and Godfred in order to help women celebrate themselves. One of the rings for the pinky finger is a sign that someone is looking after themselves and committed to their self-care routine.

During an interview with Mental Scoops, Godfred addressed the rings and why she thinks they may be so beneficial for women all over the world.

“I chose to create the ring for my pinky because it is a finger I’ve never worn a ring on before. It is as overlooked as women can be in their own lives. It felt very powerful to me to take a traditional symbol of commitment to someone else (big, bold engagement rings) and say, ‘This time, I’m choosing myself.’ I still wear my engagement ring proudly, and these two rings are not mutually exclusive. Because loving yourself, makes you better able to love someone else.”

The idea of a commitment to the woman you love is beautifully expressed by this quote. They state that an engagement ring is a promise to someone else. One of their self-love pinky rings, according to them, is a vow of self-love. Their website also sells the original self-love pinky ring as well as limited-edition versions with birth month stones and rings bearing month stones.

This is a wonderful concept that can benefit women who have been unhappy with their lives because they feel like theirs revolves around others. If you wish to get involved, go to the website of Fred + Far.

Their website says, the “one-of-a-kind pinky ring” features “a 1.5 carat created white sapphire that that represents your commitment to YOU.” The description continues, “While an engagement ring symbolizes your commitment to another, the Self Love Pinky Ring™ represents your commitment to yourself and serves as a daily reminder to practice self-love and self-care. Each ring comes with our pinky promise pledge card so you can sign your name and make your commitment official.”

The website offers lab-created white sapphires in its self-love pinky rings. “Lab-created stones are biologically and visually identical to natural stones, only more flawless,” the website states. “They represent the power of creation, are conflict-free, and are much kinder to the environment. The lab-created white sapphire is our original stone, classic style, and most popular product. It is known for evoking clarity in addition to fueling intuition, wisdom, and strength of spirit. It also reveals one’s talents and inspires both integrity as well as positive thinking. Sapphire is also the September birthstone.”