Robert Smith is the father of a 14-month-old baby who was discovered in an oven by him. This occurred in their home in Prattville, Alabama. Melissa Wright, the child’s mother, pulled all of the racks out of the oven and set it to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Wright then placed Ashley, the baby’s name, in the broiler and left her to burn.

This persevering and determined little girl somehow made it through this horrible tragedy. She underwent 28 operations over the course of ten years as a result of her heavy third-degree burns.

Ashley has grown up a lot in the past 14 years. She is now 15 years old, and she’ll be starting high school this fall as a freshman. Melissa Wright, her mother who put her in the oven, is still incarcerated for the horrible crime. Ashley phoned up the parole board recently and requested that her mother not be released on parole in this instance.

Wright was tried in court for the attempted murder of her daughter. Though she plead guilty to the charges, before doing so she lied and claimed innocence to authorities, stating that her daughter had only fallen into the oven while she held her. The door then closed on its own according. As a result of lying and trying to fool the court, as well as pleading guilty altogether, Wright was sentenced to 25 years in prison. The accused’s first story was quickly denounced by the prosecution. After this failed, she said that voices told her to put Ashley in the oven – an obviously ridiculous claim.

Ashley’s mother was denied parole this past July, a decision Ashley agrees with. Ashley feels that her mother deserves to serve her full sentence and her attorney put this request in writing.

Courtney Brenson believes that their mother, Melissa Wright, should be allowed on parole. She visits Ashley and claims that Wright has changed for the better and is in a much healthier mental state. Ashley disagrees; she feels that her sister needs to spend more time in prison for what she put her family through. Although she does not hate Wright, Ashley says she cannot love her either – forgiveness does not equate to forgetting.

Ashley’s father was murdered when she was an infant. Her uncle and aunt, who are on her father’s side, took care of her after the tragedy. They consider them to be her parents. Wright has never apologized for what she did to Ashley, according to her.

Ashley is not letting the horrible event that occurred when she was a kid prevent her from having a complete life. She’s getting ready to start high school. From there, she intends to attend college and pursue a career as a surgeon in order to assist children who receive the same care as she once did.