Despite her retirement from modeling, Heidi Klum knows how to dress to make an impact. During the Making the Cut series’ final episode, however, Heidi Klum donned a gown that caused thousands of people to flock to Twitter to lambaste her for having poor fashion sense. Instead of being praised for wearing a dress that complimented her curvaceous figure, fans taunted and ridiculed Klum for donning a dress that made her appear gaudy and uninteresting.

On a video recording like this, one person even wrote that Klum “must have lost a bet to wear such a dress.” That remark, however, was among the nicer ones posted on Twitter regarding Klum’s clothing selection.

The following are some of the things people had to say:

“Why aren’t we talking about this!!? Really? #makingthecut”

“Season 2 of #makingthecut needs brave lackeys who can tell Heidi Klum “no” every once in a while.”

“Heidi’s dress in the @MakingtheCutTV finale is truly wild #makingthecut”

“Also Heidi! That dress. A sequin and structural nightmare #makingthecut”

“What is going on with Heidi’s boobs? #MakingTheCut”

“Heidi’s finale look really is a different kind of mess #MakingTheCut”

“Seriously what was actually wearing Heidi for the finale of #makingthecut??”

Another person went even further, penning a lengthy review of the supermodel’s clothing in response to her fashion faux pas.

Some astute viewers, particularly ones who are interested in the fashion business, were intrigued by something other – innovation and creativity – than Heidi Klum’s outrageous outfit dominated the discussion. One critic of Amazon’s original program noted that it stifled individuality in favor of the mass appeal. Because the show was looking for designers who could develop the next mass-produced product, they did not reward individuals who created genuinely distinctive things. As a result, fans complained on social media.

“I’m SO disappointed in #MakingTheCut Tim, Heidi and Naomi were right! You ignored innovative fashion and bank-rolled more over-priced cheap tat made in a 3rd world country. The real winners are Esther Perbandt & Sander Bos! And THEY will get my money. #EstherPerbandt #Sanderbos”

Another said: #makingthecut is [a] show where commercial value is more important over actual talent, by the way [it] is [a] design show…”

During the filming of the program, Klum requested Amazon Prime Video to provide her with a plane so that she would not have to fly commercial.

“We were kind of hoping to get a big Amazon plane because I was already thinking about commercials we can shoot — like Tim [Gunn] and I hopping out of a plane with Amazon boxes, delivering them to people,” Klum said in an interview with IndieWire. “My brain was going 100 miles an hour. A plane would have been nice with sewing machines in there, like ‘OK, your first assignment is not in New York, it’s in Paris. But guess what?’ You open a plane, they go in there, and there are sewing machines everywhere. You’re not laying back and enjoying the flight, you’re designing and miserable. But [Amazon] said yes to the million-dollar prize, so we were like, ‘Let’s not push our luck here.’”