A couple has recently revealed their unique lifestyle as swingers. Jess, 30, and her partner Jay, 46, met on Tinder two years ago and hit it off immediately. At the time Jess was still technically engaged to another man; however, that didn’t stop her and Jay from exploring their chemistry. Nowadays they are looking to “close off” certain aspects of their relationship with others but affirm that they will always be open to swinging because they feel having sex with other couples actually strengthens the bond between them.

When Jess (left) and Jay (right) started their physical relationship, Jess was still engaged to her fiancé Lawrence, who is also Jess’s business partner in the sex club they own together called Our Secret Spot. Meeting “the traditional way – on Tinder,” this couple’s relationship is far from ordinary. Based in Sydney, Australia in the neighborhood of Annandale, both partners are heavily invested emotionally and financially in their business venture.

Jess said to FEMAIL, “Swinging has most definitely improved my relationships both with my friends and partner. It has allowed me to be honest with myself in what I require from a partner as well as what I need to be like as a person to be happy.”

Although Jess and Jay enjoy sex with other couples, they only attend while together. In the past, Jess has been in non-monogamous relationships and suggested swinging to Jay. He loved the idea of being able to having sex with other women.

“I am quite open to things, so when she brought it up, I thought it was worth a shot,” Jay stated.

The couple’s first “tried” was also Jay’s first time participating in a “group sex experience.”

“We had a foursome with my best friend and her partner,” Jess stated.

Jay enjoys their relationship because it is based on honesty. They are constantly communicating with each other about how they feel, and the line of communication is always open because they’re exploring new things together with new people.

“We had a foursome with my best friend and her partner,” Jess stated.

Though it’s not a frequent occurrence, things can sometimes become unpleasant. Luckily, the couple has developed a system to rapidly end situations they don’t want to be in.

“You definitely have points where you feel awkward. I remember once I was pulled into a position I felt really uncomfortable in,” Jay stated. “A position Jess and I do, and I just couldn’t get my head back.”

Jess’s intuition led her to do the right thing for her partner.

“I looked over at him, and he was like a deer in the headlights,” she stated. “I could sense his face change and realized he was having a freak-out moment. So I pulled him in, brought things back in, so it was just us.”

Jay doesn’t feel jealous when Jess has sex with other people because he genuinely “just wants her to be happy.”

Despite this, the couple has set rules. They only swing as a pair and they typically only swing with other females.

“I am more attracted to women,” Jess stated. “I am content with Jay as the man in my life.”