Optical illusions are fascinating and can definitely get our minds going. Recently, one photo sparked a lot of debate online.

A mother’s photo of her daughter has left thousands confused, as it appears the young girl is ‘stuck in concrete.’ With this caption, she shared it online: “My daughter, where’s the rest of her?.. Ohh I see, do you?”

People are now searching for answers more than ever before. In some cases, people are even debating whether their answer is better than what others have inputted.

This mother got the internet talking when she posted this non-Photoshopped image of a girl who is seemingly submerged in a sidewalk while playing outside!

Nearly two weeks ago, a Reddit user posted a photo that has since blown up on Twitter and other social media platforms. The picture shows a little girl in pink appearing to be stuck waist-deep in cement or some kind of stone sidewalk quicksand.

After it was posted online, people started trying to figure out what the image showed. One person wrote: ‘This is a good one.’ His comment was then ‘upvoted’ 630 times, which just goes to show that he wasn’t the only confused one. The incredible photo gained more than 63,000 likes on the platform and 1,200 comments in total.”

Some people were left confused. One person wrote on Twitter: “This is making my brain hurt … I just can’t see it.” Another said, “Oh wow that took a minute.” An individual even shared the photo on Facebook with an accurate description: “Please remember to stop by and feed the sidewalk girl on your way home today. Otherwise, she will not stop screaming.”

The photo, which was posted on Twitter, has garnered over 8,000 likes and hundreds of comments from perplexed users. While some said they deduced the mystery of the submerged girl on concrete upon closer inspection, others were still baffled.

After some time, those who are skilled at solving optical illusions were able to figure it out.

The girl is actually standing behind a short wall made of the same material as the sidewalk, making it appear as if the wall is part of the pathway. However, the entire foreground is on a higher plane.

One person tweeted: “Basically, the foreground is higher than where the girl is standing. Makes sense, but it’s very tricky.”

Elbow placement is everything. As you can see in the photo, by simply resting her elbow on the cobblestone barrier, the woman creates an enhanced illusion that makes the wall and road appear as one entity.

A Twitter user added: “Her elbow [is on] a wall which is the same(ish) color as the pavement she’s standing on.” Another user posted a helpful, edited photo that makes the grass look brighter and the wall’s planes easier to see for those who are still struggling.

Even after the illusion is worked out, there are users who have trouble describing exactly what they saw. How long did it take you to see the actual explanation of the photo?