While Heather Mosher, a single mother from Tennessee was eagerly awaiting her partner David’s proposal, she received the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. Nevertheless, David continued with his plans to propose and after much deliberation, Heather accepted without hesitation – ready to cherish every moment they had together moving forward.

When Heather was told she only had one more year to live, her primary concern shifted towards Logan’s future after her death. In a desperate attempt to raise money for his care, she set up a GoFundMe page and held an event specifically designed to generate help for the children who would be left behind.

In the process of raising money for her treatment, Heather faced a dilemma on how to inform Logan of her diagnosis. Eventually, she concluded that it was best to be straightforward with him and explain that although doctors were doing their utmost to make her better, she had an illness. As he was only five years old at the time, Logan could not fully comprehend what was happening; nevertheless, Heather wanted him to brace himself for whatever may come in the future.

Heather and David were so determined to make their dream wedding come true, that they moved the date up to December 22nd, 2017. Despite her failing health, Heather was adamant about walking down the aisle in a wedding dress – which she did! And shakily but surely exchanged vows with David alongside an oxygen machine. 18 hours later, however, sadly enough Heather lost her fight against her illness and passed away peacefully.

In a heart-wrenching post on social media, David recounted Heather’s last words to him being “I love you too” and that she remained strong until her body could no longer fight. He thanked the dedicated team at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford Connecticut who provided exceptional care during Heather’s final moments with family by her side.

Heather’s story moved many, with her GoFundMe page raising over $100,000 for the future of her beloved children. Her tireless ambition to maximize what time she had left and her undying love for her family will be remembered fondly by those who knew Heather personally or were inspired by this remarkable story.