A Target store has come under scrutiny for allegedly offering “Black Friday deals” that turned out to be no different from their regular year-round prices. In a viral TikTok video, DeJay Downey exposed what appeared to be a pricing puzzle, leaving shoppers puzzled and questioning the authenticity of Black Friday discounts.

The video, which has garnered over 38.4 million views and counting, opens with Downey wandering through an unidentified Target store. Her focus? The electronics section, where she hoped to snag a Black Friday bargain on television sets. However, what she discovered left her, and millions of viewers, utterly perplexed.

As she reached out to examine the price tags, Downey noticed something disconcerting. The piece of paper displaying the Black Friday price of $649.99 was identical to the non-Black Friday price concealed beneath the “updated” sales tag. It was a revelation that prompted Downey to voice her confusion in the video, saying, “It’s the same, I don’t get it.”

But the curious case didn’t stop at televisions. Downey soon realized that the sales prices remained unchanged for several other items, leading to further bewilderment among viewers.

A spokesperson for Target quickly responded to the viral video, attempting to clarify the situation. According to the spokesperson, the TVs had been on sale even before Black Friday as part of the store’s early Black Friday promotions. The company had decided to maintain those discounted prices during Black Friday itself but updated the signage to reflect the extended timing.

“In both instances,” the Target spokesperson explained, “shoppers would have saved between $20-$80 depending on which TV they purchased.” The company also pointed out that the discounted prices compared to regular prices were clearly displayed on the sale signs featured in the video.

Despite the explanation, the TikTok community weighed in with their own experiences and opinions. Some users shared their findings of regular prices being lower than the Black Friday deals, like TikTok user Brandon Saunders, who chimed in, “I found one where the regular price was lower than the Black Friday deal.” Others expressed skepticism about Black Friday deals altogether, with one user remarking, “Far too many of us have worked retail for us not to check these.”

Kirsten Elizabeth, another TikTok user, reminisced about the “good old days” of Black Friday deals, saying, “Black Friday deals used to be SO GOOD. Now I don’t even bother. Even online they raise the price, to ‘drop it.'”

And then there was “Sharlene,” a TikTok user who simply chose to stay in bed and relax, possibly avoiding the Black Friday shopping frenzy altogether, as she commented, “This is why I stayed in bed relaxing!”

The controversy surrounding Target’s Black Friday pricing strategy highlights the ongoing debate over the authenticity of Black Friday deals. Shoppers are becoming increasingly savvy, scrutinizing discounts and seeking genuine bargains amidst the flurry of holiday shopping. As Black Friday evolves in the digital age, retailers must navigate a discerning customer base that demands transparency and value.

In conclusion, DeJay Downey’s TikTok video may have shed light on a pricing discrepancy at Target, but it also underscores the changing landscape of Black Friday shopping. As shoppers become more discerning, retailers face the challenge of delivering genuine savings and value to an ever-watchful audience. In this era of online shopping and viral videos, transparency and trust are more critical than ever for retailers looking to thrive during the holiday season.