The food stamp program was put in place to make sure that people with a low-income are able to eat well. While food stamps and other government programs are a tremendous help to people who are in need, they are widely-abused. That is why stricter regulations have been placed on food stamps. Many states require that people work and undergo a drug test before getting food stamps.

A food stamp recipient recently dropped their receipt on the floor at the grocery store. The balance on the EBT card was nearly $5,600. Joele Potts works for the Ohio Job And Family Services. She stated that she was shocked when she saw how much many people were getting in government assistance.

Many people are getting $10,000 in government assistance. Most of the people who get government assistance are honest. They are down on their luck and need some help getting back on their feet.

There are a number of factors that affect how much in government assistance a person can receive. Whether the person is married and has children are two of those factors. The receipt was posted on social media. It has received mixed reactions. Some people have stated that no one knows the person’s situation. Others have complained about how much assistance the person is getting.