When one is building a brand for themselves in the fashion or entertainment industries, social media is one of the best places to start your network marketing outside of the workplace. For any model wanting to break into the modeling industry or to further his or her career, Instagram is one of the best places to do it. Jessica Redmond is one such fashion model to take advantage of this knowledge and has become a famous Instagram model in her own right. She first created her account in the fall of 2015 and has built up quite a following.

She has a little over forty-three thousand followers on her Instagram page alone, and it is still growing. An Instagram page for a model like Jessica Redmond, for all tense and proposes, is her online portfolio with her head shots and her most recent work. Her page’s goal is to grab future client’s attention without her always having to send in her head shots. Her page allows her to get out there faster without the leg work that past models have done.

The fashion industry is known to be an ever-changing, fast pace environment. The fashion models are known to be needing to be adaptable, to have “a look,” and to have “a walk” that different clients can use in their ads, campaigns, and runway fashion shows. Understanding this, Jessica Redmond has shown the versatility of her “look” with her Instagram posts. With that girl, next store swimwear, and slight tomboy sportswear looks to the tasteful lingerie shots done by Austin Lindsay Photography, Jessica markets herself with grace, poise, and unlimited potential. However, it is in the captions that she writes that she shows off her personality. Often the captions have nothing to do directly with pictures that she posts, but one gets a sense of what she thought when she makes her posts.

Jessica Redmond’s poise and potential are what the modeling world would expect of someone with Jessica’s photo shoot and runway credentials. She has been on the front cover of the issue 30 Art Magazine Lions, the front cover of the fearless fashion volume 2, issue 11 Creators magazine and runway walked in Park City Fashion Week held in Utah earlier of this year 2020. She has also done a photo shoot for Skin Research Laboratories. Other past work she has posted about would be the clothing shoots she has done with both the desert and the wilderness as her backdrops.

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Currently flying to Iowa. Have any of you been to Iowa?

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In all types of weather, she does not shy away from a challenge. Jessica has also had a few makeup head shots. Her pictures are from different angles, and of her is different but natural positions that do the clothing and brand justice. She is an example of how to use social media as a networking marketing tool for her benefit.