Easter is right around the corner. Many people celebrate Easter by dying eggs. A woman recently showed people a few simple ways to dye eggs. The first way that she tried involved using two different types of nail polish.

She used pink and blue polish, but you can use any color that you like. She poured some water in a bowl. After that, she poured the nail polish in the water and dipped the eggs in it. The woman also showed people how to dye eggs using food coloring. She poured food coloring in the water along with vinegar. She wrapped a rubber band around the egg multiple times and placed in the water.

She left the egg in the water for five minutes. Additionally, the woman used a colorful napkin to dye the egg. She cut the napkin into four parts. She wrapped one part of the napkin around the egg. She brushed egg white onto the napkin.

The egg white acts as an adhesive. If there is any excess paper left, then you should cut it off. You will need to use the three remaining pieces of the napkin to wrap the other eggs and repeat the entire process.