Avalon Hope is a content creator and model with a prominent presence on Instagram, AdmireMe VIP, and Tiktok. The curve model operates her trendy Instagram account from her current location in Wurundjeri Land, Melbourne, Australia. She uses her social media presence to influence the acceptance of ideas that she believes in, most revolve around human sexuality.

In particular, Avalone Hope champions sex workers’ rights by using her body to pose for photos and videos that demystify society’s perception towards sex workers. The model, who is undertaking a sexology course, also has a strong experience in music production, dancing, and singing. Her confidence in what she does has endeared the model to many, exceeding expectations, such that she has more than one hundred thousand followers on Instagram alone.

Avalone Hope captured the attention of BELLA Management, the company that has signed her as an Influencer and glamour model. Her Instagram account acts as her platform for spreading positivity through education, inspiring body size confidence, and entertainment. Besides BELLA Management, many other popular brands such as Bonds Australia, Lonely Lingerie, have also put her in the limelight by paying for her promotion services.

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Nobody is testing me this year.

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As an ambassador, self-love and confidence has made her fans camp on her timeline to enjoy her posts and comments, which are full of humor and wit. She has been making many posts to condemn racism and racial discrimination and support movements that advocate for harmonious racial relations in other parts of the world. She recently revealed a list of ten books, which she encouraged her followers to read for inspiration. The list included the following books, among five others:
• “Heavy: An American Memoir” by Layla Saad
• “Between the World and Me”
• “Beloved” by Toni Morrison
• “The Color of Law” by Richard Rothstein
• “…You Want to Talk About Race?” – intriguing book by I. Oulo

Avalone Hope also went ahead to teach her followers through other lists of things to do, such as questions that they need to ask themselves, and podcasts add to their listening list. She shares many educative and informative posts through her account and lets her followers understand her intention by taking time to explain and championing the transmitted messages.

Through her posts, Miss Hope remembers to reflect on the situation in her own country, Australia and calls for non-discrimination on any basis whatsoever. Besides all these, she invites her followers into some aspects of her private life by sharing videos and photos with her pets, events, traveling, or music performance. We can conclude that Avalone Hope is a social influencer who understands the power of social media and uses it to her advantage for society’s good in all aspects of life.