Shaquille O’Neal, the highly esteemed former NBA star, recently posted a photo of himself in a hospital gown on his Instagram account and gave fans an update on how he’s doing. This candid shot reveals more than just Shaq’s larger-than-life persona but also showcases his vulnerable side.

In the striking image, O’Neal can be seen resting in a hospital bed wearing a gown and with an IV drip in his left hand and a nasal cannula attached to his nostrils. O’Neal himself accompanied this photo with a powerful caption: “I’m fine, thank you, for your concern and support. I’m currently recovering and will be back soon.”

O’Neal’s post evoked a flood of concern from his fans, who were anxious about the star athlete’s well-being. The magnanimous legend was swift to comfort their worries and assured them that he is on the mend and doing just fine.

After a noteworthy career in the NBA, where he played for such esteemed teams as the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat and Boston Celtics – Shaquille O’Neal has retired at age 49. Since then, his life is far from idle; endeavored in various business endeavors like investing in real estate and owning multiple Papa John’s fast-food chain franchises.

O’Neal has yet to disclose the cause of his hospitalization, though this is not his first instance of seeking medical attention. In 2019, he revealed that he had a benign tumor in his pituitary gland requiring surgery; as a result, he suffered from debilitating headaches and migraines.

During this period of worldwide worry encompassing the COVID-19 pandemic, Shaquille O’Neal has used his platform to encourage individuals to be cautious and adhere to health regulations. His recent update on his own well-being provides a reminder that we must take the virus seriously in order to protect ourselves and others around us.

Recently, in an exclusive interview with USA Today, O’Neal candidly said “I know there’s a lot of people out there that are scared and that are going through tough times, but I’m here to tell you, we’re going to get through this. Just continue to listen to the professionals, continue to wear your mask, continue to wash your hands, and continue to social distance.”

O’Neal’s words of wisdom are more important now than ever, considering that many individuals still feel hesitant to adhere to the public health guidelines or get vaccinated. With COVID-19 rates increasing once again across various regions in this world, it is essential that we heed medical experts’ advice and actuate measures for safeguarding ourselves as well as our neighborhoods.

Fans rejoice to learn of O’Neal’s current condition and fervently hope for a quick recovery. His career has been nothing short of inspiring, and his message — that one can push through adversity — is more essential now than ever before.