Lanna Tolland went viral after she tweeted a photo of an outrageous airplane meal. The Scottish traveler had been taken aback to see the gentleman seated next to her more than feasting on a full rack of messy BBQ ribs during their flight – something that is rarely seen onboard! Her tweet quickly spread across multiple time zones, leaving many shocked by what they saw.

The Twitter user was astounded when she saw the man at Glasgow Airport’s Frankie and Benny’s restaurant, ordering an entire rack of ribs! She couldn’t believe he would attempt to take such a hefty meal onto the plane with him. It seemed far too disruptive for all of those hoping for a peaceful journey ahead.

The man stuffed his pizza box-sized container full of BBQ ribs, buttered corn on the cob, and French fries to bring onto his flight. But what was supposed to be a leisurely in-flight meal quickly became an uncomfortable eating experience; he was sat between two passengers who had no interest in joining him for dinner!

The man’s actions left Lanna Tolland utterly aghast; in response, she quickly captured an image of his meal and circulated it to her almost four hundred followers on Twitter. Before long, the photo rapidly spread across the globe like wildfire!

Tolland added a caption to her tweet that quickly went viral, “No chance is the guy next to me eating a full rack of ribs plus sides on this plane. Get the f*** out.”

Her tweet has gained the attention of five million people since she posted it to a popular American platform last week. The responses in the comment section demonstrate that many are united in their opinion; they believe it is inappropriate for someone to indulge in an entire rack of BBQ ribs while on board a plane mid-flight.

Many people laughed, claiming that the man’s meal should be “illegal” on an aircraft.

One person said: “I don’t even like using my laptop on the plane in the middle seat…”

Another person added: “There’s a short list of foods that should be illegal to sell in an airport.”

“I’d ask to go to the restroom at least twice…” another added.

A single individual suggested that the man with a plate of BBQ ribs onboard should be “sent to jail” for eating such an extensive and sticky dish near other flyers.

Nevertheless, some onlookers applauded the man’s boldness in unwrapping his messy meal on the plane, dubbing it a “power move.”

“Looks yummy,” one user said. “Good for him.”

“My man had the flight attendant running like a waitress,” another commented. “Getting condiments and napkins!”

Some people even hailed the man with sizzling BBQ ribs as a “hero.” Another person said, “This man is living in the future.”