Shania Twain’s brush with death was a real event, and there was an immense amount of science involved.

The renowned country musician declared that during a grueling fight against COVID-19 and pneumonia, her transport to the hospital felt like something out of science fiction. This surreal experience was due to being airlifted!

“It was progressively getting worse. My vital signs were getting worse … and in the end I had to be air-evacuated,” the Canadian singer said. “It was like science fiction, I felt like I was going to another planet or something, It all kind of happened in slow motion,” she added.

Shania Twain’s spouse, Frédéric Thiebaud was filled with anxiety as they frantically searched for a way to get an airlift, according to the renowned singer of “Man! I Feel Like a Woman”.

“My husband was freaking out, to be honest,” said Twain. “He was really panicking because he was the one having to pull it all together.”

“He spent hours and hours every day on the phone, trying to get an air evacuation coordinated, trying to get a bed lined up, as there were none, checking my vital signs. It was just a real nightmare for him,” added Twain.

Once her husband procured a bed, Twain was secluded and started plasma therapy – which left her progress in limbo.

“It took several days to start building up any antibodies at all, so it was a very dangerous time and very scary,” Twain recalled. “I made it through and I’m just so grateful.”

The Grammy-winning artist went on to express immense appreciation for her partner, reflecting that the situation could have been dire if she had been facing it solo.

“I thought, ‘Wow, if I was living alone in a more isolated scenario, I don’t know what would have happened.’ My heart goes out to people who don’t have that support to help them get the right care,” stated Twain.

Drawing from her battle with the dreaded COVID, Twain wrote one of her most recent chart-topping songs “Inhale/Exhale Air” – featured on her new album “Queen of Me”.

“It’s a song of ­gratitude and appreciation,” said Twain. “I was inspired that I still had air in my lungs.”

Defeating outrageous odds is nothing new for Twain. In 2004, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease, which forced her to cease singing almost a decade-long hiatus ensued.

In 2018, Twain underwent a surgical procedure to rehabilitate her compromised vocal cords.

“It’s great to be just singing again, on a tour with my new voice after my surgery,” said Twain. “I’m in a very celebratory state of mind.”

Music fans, mark your calendars! The singer’s latest album is set to drop on February 3rd.