Pop sensation Shakira recently took a bold stance against the much-debated “Barbie” movie, asserting that her sons were left utterly unimpressed, deeming it a derogatory depiction of men. The controversy surrounding “Barbie” intensifies as it faces allegations of promoting a feminist agenda at the expense of traditional masculinity.

In a candid revelation, Shakira expressed her disappointment, highlighting her desire for her boys to embrace a balanced sense of masculinity while maintaining respect for women. She underscored the importance of cultural empowerment for women without undermining the essence of manhood.

“My sons absolutely detested it. They perceived it as emasculating, and to some extent, I concur. I am raising two young gentlemen, and I want them to feel empowered while upholding their roles as protectors and providers,” Shakira emphasized.

Asserting her stance, Shakira emphasized the harmony between feminism and traditional gender roles, challenging the notion that they are mutually exclusive. Her perspective aligns with the belief in empowering women without diminishing the significance of men’s roles in society.

The dichotomy of Shakira’s views has sparked widespread discussion, portraying her as a proponent of both feminist ideals and traditional values. This paradox reflects her belief in women’s empowerment alongside an acknowledgment of men’s inherent responsibilities.

In her critique, Shakira questioned the societal expectation for women to shoulder every burden traditionally associated with men, advocating for shared responsibilities based on merit and duty.

While the Hollywood elite lauds “Barbie” for its condemnation of “toxic masculinity” and overt feminist themes, conservative audiences have voiced strong opposition, citing inconsistencies with the franchise’s family-friendly image.

Critics, including the conservative Christian movie review site Movieguide, lambasted the film for veering away from its core audience and embracing controversial themes, including LGBTQ+ representation, at the expense of storytelling quality.

Moreover, Republican lawmakers have denounced the film’s inclusion of a map seemingly endorsing China’s territorial claims, decrying Hollywood’s complicity with Chinese propaganda.

As the debate rages on, Shakira’s bold stance against the perceived agenda of “Barbie” underscores the ongoing cultural battle between progressive ideals and traditional values, leaving audiences divided and questioning the true essence of empowerment in modern media.