Todd Ray already has a reputation for being associated with bizarre things because he is the Guinness World Record holder for the largest collection of two-headed animals worldwide.

But even Ray was baffled when he received this unusual specimen in the mail. As the owner of the Venice Beach Freakshow, Ray is used to people finding odd items and asking him to identify them, but even he was not prepared for the specimen one man sent him. A man in Arizona claims that he found an unusual dead creature in his yard. He was spooked by the item and felt like it belonged in Ray’s freak show, so the man mailed it to Ray in a jar of alcohol.

The man sent the specimen to Ray in a package without any details of his location. Ray says “I dont want to call it an alien, but its definitely alien in form. Its about a foot long and has gill-like ear things below the head. Its got weird eyes and something out of its mouth that looks like a fleshy fang.Ray has gotten several zoology experts involved in an attempt to identify the creature.

According to the Arizona Game and Fish Department, it may be a deformed fetus that was still encased in an amniotic sac. Cristina Simmons from the San Diego Zoo suggests that it might be an elaborate hoax of several different animal parts attached together. She points out that the eyes and body of the creature do not have the same tissue type as the rest of the face. In order to identify it, Ray concludes that DNA tests will be needed.