Crossing the Chesapeake Bay is something that many people have to do every day. The main route across is the massive Chesapeake Bay Bridge. This is no normal bridge. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge can rise to more than 200 feet above the water.

It is over four miles long. The railings along the sides of the bridge are very low making it feel as if there is nothing between the drivers and a steep drop to the water below. The weather on the bridge can change at any minute from sun to torrential downpours.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge has become a major source of anxiety and stress for many drivers. Some people are so terrified of the bridge that it has become impossible for them to drive across it. I suffered a major panic attack, Carolyn Casey said when talking about crossing the bridge.

This is where Alex Robinson can help. He started a company call Bay Bridge Drive-Overs that specializes in taking people across the bay. Alex will drive someone in his or her own car across the bridge for a fee of $25. Alex does not have anxiety or a fear of the bridge although he does know that it is a dangerous crossing. Business for Alex is booming. He has driven thousands of people across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge since first opening his business.

Alex likes to think that his driving is acting as a type of therapy for his clients that will eventually allow them to overcome the fear of the bridge.