A pony has been rescued by the RSCPA in United Kingdom. The group was called after the pony had collapsed beside her foal.

They were concerned about the safety of the pony and her foal because a tide was coming. The pony’s foot was tangled in her own mane, so the rescue team had to cut her free. Neil Manley is the RSCPA director. He stated that if the pony and foal had not been rescued, then they likely would have died.

This is just one example of how animals can be in serious danger if they are left in remote locations. That is why owners are encouraged to monitor the animals. Neil has thanked the person who called and reported the animal.

He has urged anyone who sees an animal in danger to report it to the RSCPA. The helpline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The video of the pony and foal being rescued has been uploaded to YouTube. It has been viewed over 3.2 million times.

The pony was trying to get up, but she could not because she was trapped in the mane. The foal was running around while the rescue team untangled the pony.